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Preparing for Hurricane Season
Hurricane season is here and being prepared is essential to one's personal safety. According to the National Hurricane Center, lack of awareness and preparation are among the common threads of all hurricane disasters. Hurricane hazards take on many forms (i.e. tornadoes, flooding, high winds, and storm surges) and having a plan of action which includes such hazards can help protect one's life.
Have you made preparations for this 2011 hurricane season? Preparing your children for a potential disaster can help calm their fears during the storm. Start by creating an emergency plan of action along with an emergency preparedness kit. It is a good idea when creating an emergency kit, to include your children in the preparation. Having them create their own child emergency kit can be fun and engaging. They can include fun activities like reading and coloring books, games, cards, crayons, etc., that will help them remain calm and preoccupied during the event. This will also provide you the opportunity to discuss what your children should do under various circumstances and answer any questions they may have. Each family member should know how to react during an emergency. The best protection one can have is knowing what to do.
Here are some great resources to help you during this season:
»Hurricane Preparedness Guide from the CDC
»Hurricane Preparedness Guide from the US Dept. of Commerce NOAA
»Creating a family emergency plan
»Emergency Kit and Suggestions
»Emergency Kit for Kids
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